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Private, Exclusive & Super Flexible

Recently rated St. Kilda’s hottest & in demand licensed venue – The Playlounge was meticulously designed to cater for any and every function type:

  • Bucks nights
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Sportsman nights
  • Sporting club break up parties
  • Hen’s parties
  • Our dedicated team of party planners, bar staff, caterers, & and in-house entertainment agency – will take care of absolutely everything. We cater for any and every occasion and most importantly ensure an AMAZING night !!

    For any ideas regarding your special event or party we’re here to help. We have a huge variety of drinks package options available so call us or send us an enquiry online and we’ll respond ASAP.

    You ask we DELIVER!!!

    Great staff, amazing atmosphere. Super chill
    Adam Giannikos
    08:35 20 Apr 24
    Amazing bucks night - Vanessa was the best she made the night really special 😎
    Matthew Papachristodoulou
    13:51 13 Apr 24
    Management and employees are absolutely amazing girls are so gorgeous I don’t even know where to look I highly recommend ria and Lottie for dances they are 10/10s
    Louis Sarrou
    17:43 11 Apr 24
    stav steve
    07:26 20 Mar 24
    Dick Raine
    02:56 18 Feb 24
    This joint is Disney land for men … hottest and wildest party girls , vibe is next level , had my mates bux - and we didn’t need a excuse to get back - we booked our footy club mad Monday….Kicked off for the midday session - planned to do only 4 x hours .. we were there to 1am ….Wat a place 🙌
    Julian Ortiz
    08:27 10 Feb 24
    Estelle Laufeia
    10:52 26 Oct 23
    peter fetisi
    07:54 16 Oct 23
    What a great night for a bucks on the 19th August. Ladies all friendly, and Zoe, the lovely French lady, you are a dream. Cant wait to see you again.
    Paul Ramondetta
    05:20 30 Aug 23
    Great but small venue.
    Kiiristiano Raymondo (Kiiristiano)
    03:47 28 Jul 23
    Great for the lads
    Melb PBuses
    06:40 11 Mar 23
    Sam Watson
    11:32 08 Oct 22
    Effing love playlounge it’s the best place in Melbourne! It gets wild and I love Rachel 10/10 she is the best I wish she was a dancer so I could see her naked!!
    t m
    03:59 17 Sep 22
    Best venue of all time! I had my 18th birthday here and everyone was so kind and friendly. The bartenders, especially Maddie was amazing. Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    Maneli Rashidi
    01:48 20 Aug 22
    Tom Charles
    10:14 28 Jun 22
    Alyce and her staff are incredible, made our whole night!!!!
    Phil Kapogiannis
    10:42 23 Apr 22
    Awesome night!!! Thanks guys!!!!
    Amandeep Virk-Goraya
    23:03 26 Mar 22
    angus gorman
    04:44 27 Dec 21
    I love working at the playlounge! Vibes are immaculate! Such a fun place. Got recommended the job by a friend of mine. We have such a good time each week!
    Gaye Kurtoglu
    04:40 27 Dec 21
    This place is OFF THE CHARTS… I heard rumours of greatness……so I booked our chippys break up do at daz’s playlounge - we had to see it for ourselves….20 knockout blokes just looking to celebrate a testing year… and did we ever – it begins with dazzas welcoming pump up speech… this bloke could get you walking bear feet over broken glass…that speech is worth the admission alone!!!we then charged up the stairs … into the main room – it could be midnight or midday – who even cares .the women that greet you are sizzling AND wild….. I turned around to the boys and said “its like my ‘only fans’ library has become reality…”the bar staff, the party starter girls on the floor and even the bloke in the high vis vest – don’t know his name … but what I do know is IF YOU wanna HAVE THE BEST FUN NIGHT EVER – The Playlounge is THE ONE AND ONLY ..
    Alexander Pineo
    04:20 27 Dec 21
    Faraz Rajput
    15:03 15 Nov 21
    Had a booking and unfortunately had to cancel. Daz was easy to deal with and very fair on the refund and understanding of the reason to cancel. He processed the funds back to me within 2 business days. Will be looking for another opportunity to use the venue as I have had nothing but positive experiences with Daz.
    Sumesh Misra
    07:48 18 May 21
    Mercedes Lustres
    09:58 10 May 21
    Beautiful Ladies everywhere
    Thomas Hughes
    06:44 04 Mar 21
    The 10 commandments is now officially 11!!! Thou must party at Dazza’s Playlounge!!!Welcome to the revolution 🐎🐎🐎
    Snjezana Hadziomerovic
    12:09 01 Mar 21
    Vince Calleja
    05:31 30 Jan 21
    Best place in Australia. Hands down. Daz knows how to throw a party, and get to know Patch for a good chinwag.
    Dale James
    07:41 24 Dec 20
    Jessika Lowry
    01:22 13 Jun 20
    Ella Tarlton
    18:04 14 Mar 20
    Alex Occhipinti
    14:54 08 Mar 20
    Amazing venue amazing staff
    Jon Smith
    09:34 08 Mar 20
    Robert G
    15:11 08 Feb 20
    Had my bucks at The Playlounge and It was a life changing experience! All inclusive and completely exclusive !! I will never enter another establishment with the same feeling as walking up that stairway to HEAVEN! Thanks to Daz for an unreal and unbeatable experience... well until we come back next weekend ! Yeeewwwww
    Simon Goyne
    02:21 03 Nov 19
    Private and very exclusive! All our needs were catered for and the club owner was extremely accomodating.Amenities are excellent, the venue is clean, tidy and tastefully decorated.Would highly recommend.
    Oliver Swan
    02:04 03 Nov 19
    Best night of my life! Sensational!!!Darren is an absolute gentleman & a GOD!!Staff were amazing and very accommodating.Can highly recommend this to anyone wanting to have an epic night. Amazing pre entry pep talk from Darren himself. THE BEST! Thanks Darren & staff! Can’t wait to get back there.
    Ben Costello
    02:00 03 Nov 19
    amy herbert
    13:34 20 Oct 19
    Great venue! Great girls! Been to a heap of clubs in my time but this has the sexiest girls by far!!! Promised one of the bartenders I’d leave a review so this goes out to the girl in red!Will be back here for my own bucks night when the time comes! Thanks for an awesome night
    Chris Harper
    08:06 13 Oct 19
    We had our mad Monday here this week after winning the sweet it was!!!Awesome day-top bar, top girls. It was so much better for us being in our own private venue than being in a public bar. Daz made it an amazing experience for everyone. Legend!!
    Nicholas Masunda
    11:27 17 Sep 19
    Top joint 🤙🏼
    Nick Papa
    11:58 13 Sep 19
    This place was next level. Will be back for sure
    James Schulz
    03:11 27 Aug 19
    Joshua Grover
    15:09 17 Aug 19
    If you are looking for a good time at your event then this is a great place to be!Recently had a bucks night at the Play Zone and the Play Lounge and it was a blast of a night! The staff were friendly and hands on with regards to taking care of our needs and making sure that we were having a good time. The manager Daz was an absolute legend and I personally thank him for all the effort he put into making the night!I do however recommend updating the website with more information about the play zone as I had to explain to my party what and where it was.
    Sean Rayner
    07:59 07 Aug 19
    Volker Ramdohr
    08:47 04 Aug 19
    Alexandra Van't Hooft
    10:37 02 Aug 19
    Wow! Dazza you're an absolute legend!After an almost fail for me best mates bucks and a venue canceling on us last min these guys pulled the ultimate bucks!Dazza you made our boys night! WORD OF ADVICE get a mix bucks happeningDazza gave us an option to mix at last min with our booking and killed it. We got extra girls and got to party with absolute legends!Highly recommend
    Michael Bosa
    14:23 26 Jun 19
    Fuking epic bro!!!! Daz you’re the the mother fuking man....Hangover 1,2 & 3 can suck a d*ck, this was best bucks ever!!! Thanks so much for making it so memorable-forever in your debt 🙏
    Andrew Diep
    23:25 21 Jun 19
    Travis Phillips
    07:19 01 Jun 19
    My mate booked this joint for a Bux day - I hadn’t heard of it so I went on google to see the reviews and gee wizz i thought this could be anything ..... after partying there last night I gotta Say this .. Dazza and his crew throw the wildest and craziest parties of all time ... this playlounge is the greatest !!! I’m still charged !!
    Dylan Masters
    12:14 07 Apr 19
    Dazza and the playlounge team have set the benchmark for greatness - greatest partyVenue ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Nigel Mcfadyen
    05:03 13 Feb 19
    Greatest bucks party we have ever been to !!! The BEST
    Damian Pietropaolo
    10:42 22 Jan 19
    Venue and playlounge crew were all a pleasure to deal with and had an awesome night! Worth using for sure.
    Michael Graham
    08:08 07 Jan 19
    Tom Ashcroft
    05:37 07 Jan 19
    Flew over for a party and the venue was outstanding, the service blew me away and was extremely impressed with the night. Definitely a top place that I'll be suggesting other people to come too. If you're looking for a fun/time of your life, don't look any further because you've found it.
    Thomas “FoodTom”
    05:22 07 Jan 19
    #Greatest party venue of all time!!!
    Benjamin Nolan
    09:46 04 Jan 19
    What a wild one!Best work function I’ve ever had the pleasure of organising ! Let alone partying at!Already looking at booking next year.Darren ensures that the vibe is epic!
    Nathan Tang
    04:56 04 Jan 19
    Jim Trapper
    06:20 27 Nov 18
    I had never heard of the playlounge until i was invited to my nephews bux. I dont usually attend these events ... I just want to say and speaking on behalf of my nephew and my immediate family - this was one of the greatest nights and parties we have ever had !! The venue is perfect , most amazing vibe, games , and the girls..... Not only beautiful but also super friendly and made sure we all had the most amazing time !! Thank you !! And we will be back for our xmas party !!
    Marko polo
    02:36 28 Sep 18
    Johnny Portelli
    00:24 01 Aug 18
    Ambiance is good, best music & staff also behave well with guests. Food is average . But everyday happy hours is best 5 pm to 8.30 pm buy large get large.
    Abhishek Phule
    18:08 01 Jul 18
    The best!!! We are here now greatest bucks everGirls are best
    earnest b
    09:41 29 Mar 18
    Went to a friends 21st birthday last week, was the most amazing private venue I’ve seen! Darren and all the bar staff are awesome and made sure we were all looked after very well. Would recommend for any party!! Defs be doing my birthday here soon!
    Natasha Dokmanovic
    09:33 29 Mar 18
    Best Bucks I’ve been to!!!! The girls are too beautiful we almost lost our best man haha We have already booked it again for a boys night. Best private venue in Melbourne
    Hayden Cox
    09:30 29 Mar 18
    Eric Chan
    02:18 27 Mar 18
    Sensational Night! Daz and then Crew delivered and made it into an unforgettable night! Nothing too hard for these Guys and Gals! Cheers, Dave!
    Astrid Nurse
    05:33 24 Mar 18
    Perfect venue! I booked this venue for my 21st and we had such an amazing night! All the staff were so lovely and accommodating and the night was more than perfect! 100% recommend
    Alice Alexander
    08:03 20 Mar 18
    Awesome place , Darren is the best and makes sure everyone has the best night, no one goes home unhappy that’s for sure , thanks again Darren
    Mathew Bolger
    06:17 18 Feb 18
    What an awesome venue! And great people, Daz is a champ and everyone else looked after us so well.
    daniel cobern
    13:40 31 Dec 17
    Such a great place to have a private party, highly recommend.
    Craig Bascand
    07:46 24 Nov 17
    02:01 23 Oct 17
    Best bux of all time - hottest girls - epic !!!
    Cameron Barillaro
    12:48 22 Sep 17
    i was a bit neevous about having a big birthday celebration. i contacted the playlounge through a work collagues referral - and from the moment i spoke to them - they took care of everything ! from their staff / security / drink prices / hot food selections - was totally perfect !!! all my friends keep talking about the incredible atmosphere and vibe .... great place !!!!
    Dee Wong
    12:35 22 Sep 17
    Amazing night !!! Amazing venue - so much fun - playlounge staff and crew - you ensured everything was perfect 👌🏽 thank you !!!
    Miss Zen All about Me.
    12:26 22 Sep 17
    Booked our Christmas party at the play lounge last year and it was a great success, we have already booked again for this year!! Huge recommendation.
    Lauren Pinch
    07:20 23 Aug 17
    Awesome place sexy girls exvellent atmosphere recommend to anyone
    Marek Jarmusz
    10:22 29 Apr 17
    Great venue! I was hired to perform here as an acrobat for a companies product launch. Fun venue with an cool atmosphere. Owner was great about accomadating my needs to perform safely. Highly recommended.
    Simonster Strength
    06:39 19 Apr 17
    I attended a mates party at the Playlounge last weekend. Thoroughly impressed by the venue and all the staff, such a fantastic night. The bartenders were great, friendly and also amazing to look at 😉 thanks for the memories plaglounge. Can't wait for the next one!
    Lenard Trae
    04:37 18 Apr 17
    Playlounge staff and team = incredible !! I enquired with other venues to host my function then i got recommended you guys and from the moment I called Darren he was brilliant to deal with - made everything so simple and was so flexible - and best of all delivered everything he said !!! Amazing venue - Amazing night - can't wait to you get virtual reality in !!!!!
    Cate Luna
    07:15 17 Apr 17
    Best bucks ever !! Ripper night - The playlounge staff organise everything and are brilliant - thank u !!! DefRecommend to any party for sure !!!!!
    Grant Damon
    11:11 17 Dec 16
    Amazing staff!!! Great Venue, Made my Bucks amazing!! Highly recommend .
    build search
    03:07 15 Dec 16
    I organised my works end of financial year drinks at The Playlounge and the night was awesome. Great venue and amazing friendly staff. We have already booked our xmas party here and this time will do karaoke for sure. 5 stars highly recommended!
    Amanda Tempini
    00:47 18 Jul 16
    Amazing venue!! We were tossing up between staying local and heading back to vegas for my mates bucks. We decided to give the playlounge ago as we had heard great things..we werent dissapointed! After the boys all agreeing it was one of our best nights ever I highly recommend this venue to anyone.Probably rates up there with the D hotel in Las Vegas as one of the best venues to party at!! Darren the owner was amazing..although looking like he'd just come from the sauna on arrival ...the service was next level! The girls were amazing friendly and hot!! Darren made sure we had everything we needed and we felt like we could let loose, relax and enjoy the night without worrying about anything.Halfway through the evening Darren whipped up some Tapas for us ..which im sure were at least worthy of two michelin stars!!!Too be honest i cant say enough good things about this venue and the service. i dont normally write reviews but it really surpised us even though we had heard good things.. and the fact it was so easy and personal made our night and my mates bucks the best ever!! Thank you!!
    Nick Cotton
    23:05 17 Jul 16
    You want an amzing night - the playlounge is the place heaps of fun games, amazing vibes and super friendly staff !!! 5 stars for sure
    m b
    02:01 14 Jul 16
    I organised my best friends bucks party here and i couldn't have been happier with the result. Darren made the booking process easy and fast. And most importantly he knew exactly what 28 blokes wanted on a bucks night! The girls he organised were hot (which is a massive relief) and it turned out to be one massive night!! Every bloke that attenedes agreed this is the place for private functions. Thanks again darren.
    Tom Harvey
    04:01 12 Jul 16
    Play lounge is very easy to get to, it's right by the 96 tram stop on Fitzroy st. It's got friendly staff, that all look a million bucks. The owner Darren is very accommodating and outgoing. It is a pleasure every time I go to play lounge.
    andy murray
    03:46 12 Jul 16
    Great venue for a private bucks party. Darren and the girls were super friendly and made it a great night for our buck. Cheers
    02:36 05 Jun 16